College Planning Documents

PASS Summaries
Completion By Design: Loss and Momentum Framework
College of Alameda Institutional Learning Outcomes 2015-2018
Student Equity Plan – 2015-2016
COA Fact Sheet 2015
Student Services Year End Report 2012
Spring 2014 Intersession Report
Best Practices in Online Teaching, Learning Strategies and Pedagogy-Fall 2014
ESL Assessment Validation Report
2016-2021 Five Year Construction Plan
2014-2015 College Maintenance and Repairs Priority Needs List
ESL Writing test Validation
Timeline for 2014 Assessment Validity Report
Assessment Validation English, math, ESL
Institutional Effectiveness Survey 2014
Block Schedule Focus Group Summary
COA Goals and Objectives 2014-15
COA Planning & Budget Integration Timeline 2011-2012
Enrollment Management Strategies – Fall 2014
Integrated Planning and Budgeting Process
Integrated Planning Model Schematic 2009
Proposed College Standing Committees
Resource Priority Recommendation Process
Standing Committees and Integrated Planning
Standing Committees Matrix
Standing Committees Structure 2014-15
Student Success Score Card (341 one year.pdf)
Community College Survey of Student Engagement- 2014
COA Curriculum Review Process and Checklist
Technology Plan for College of Alameda (090115)
Institutional Learning Outcomes – draft revised and approved by Academic Senate on 11/16/06.
Institutional Action Priorities WITH Action Items, 2007-2008 – draft revised and approved by Academic Senate on 11/16/06.
Basic Skills Report – COA Expenditure Plan and Narrative(4-29-08), Planning Matrix (4-29-08), Baseline
Student Equity Plan (09)
Student Equity Plan (05)
Matriculation Plan (06)
Students Plus Enrollment Management Plan (06-07)
College Organizational Chart with Programs and Without Programs (08)
5-year Construction Plan 2009-2013 (rev. 5/07)
Quantitative and Qualitative Data
COA Factbook (2009)
COA Factbook (2008)
Research – Why They Left
Equity Plan Evidence – data about progress, access, retention, success, persistence, degrees/certificates, transfer
Core Survey Summary F07 and Core Tabulation Report F07
SSPIRE Cohorts
Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CSSE)Extended Evidence Doc 9Extended Evidence Doc 10
Accountability Report for Community Colleges 2008 Trend Data and 2008 Narrative
Productivity by Department – (2002-2007)
Productivity by Department – (2002-2006)