Department of Anthropology

The anthropology program provides students with an understanding of human diversity, giving them the knowledge to engage with the world’s modern multicultural communities. Courses in anthropology introduce students to the different fields of the discipline which include the study of human species, human evolution, and the world’s past and present cultures.

Anthropology is the study of the biological basis of human evolution, genetic variation within the human species and patterns of global cultural. In our courses you were learn about:

  • human behavior
  • human diversity in contemporary societies and cultures
  • human history and prehistory
  • human biology
  • An understanding of human biological, linguistic, and cultural diversity
  • An appreciation of the origin of both cultural and human biological diversity through time.
  • An appreciation of the diversity in contemporary and past societies and cultures.
  • An understanding for the role of anthropology in the workplace and the real world.

Anthropology is applicable to many different career paths. These include:

  • teaching
  • international development
  • cultural resource management
  • museum and park curation
  • forensic and physical anthropology
  • natural resource management
  • defense and security sectors