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Faculty Webpages

Title:Patti Tsai, Ph.D. 


Phone:(510) 466-5372
For registered
Office:Room 102 (inside Room 100),860 Atlantic Ave; Schedule and Office Hours
Mailing Address:College of Alameda
555 Appezzato Memorial Pkwy
Alameda, CA 94501


2015-16:  I will be on partial family medical leave, and will be teaching a partial load.

Internships and Opportunities for Peralta Students

Compiled by chemical engineering student Kate Sciamanna

Ballistic Pendulum Lab

College of Alameda Ballistic Pendulum from Patti Tsai on Vimeo.

I taught full-time at Grossmont College in East San Diego County for 11 years, and then came to the College of Alameda in 2002.

I am first generation Chinese-American. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in physics from Cornell University in 1977.  I completed my Ph.D. in experimental physics from the University of California at San Diego in 1988, and then worked in postdoctoral research there for 3 years.  My primary interest is how students learn physics.


Physics Department

I am honored to write letters of recommendation. I may not able to accommodate all requests due to time limitations. I will appreciate as much time in advance as possible.

  • Please give your transfer institution my official contact information.
  • Please contact me at, and include
    • What course you took in which semester.
    • The name of the degree program(s) to which you are applying;
    • Specific contact name(s) and snail mail address(es), even if the letter is to be submitted electronically;
    • The “drop-dead” deadline for each institution to receive letters of recommendation.
  • I will include your grade and rank in the class, and my direct knowledge of your skills, abilities, and talents, based on your performance. I cannot include anything that is “hearsay,” so it is not necessary to include personal statements, etc.
  • Please, no thank you gifts.