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Name:Richard Greenspan 


Position:Automotive Technology Faculty
Phone:(510) 748-2309


Richard Greenspan teaches Automotive Technology classes at College of Alameda.

Course Materials: Syllabi and Handouts

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Name:Fred Marks 


Title:Auto Tech Faculty
Phone:(510) 748-2357

My Courses: Syllabi & Materials

Automotive Technology 21

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Name:Rufino Ramos 


Title:Automotive Technology Faculty
Phone:(510) 748-2284


Rufino Ramos teaches Automotive Technology classes at College of Alameda. He is also the faculty advisor for the Latinos Unidos Club.

My Courses: Syllabi & Materials

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Name:Adrianna Carrillo 


Title:Automotive Technology Faculty
Phone:(510) 748-2267

My name is Adriana Carrillo I been working for Peralta Community College since 1983; I came to this country in 1971.  I started going to night school  then I apply for scholarship in Oakland, in 1972.  I went to Laney College, then I went to Chabot College I been in school all my life, in 2002 I was feeling sick and I stop going school I was told by the doctor that i was diabetic. Now I want to finish my school i feel a lot better.  I started working as a Custodian, my work area was District Office, then I went to work to Laney College then in 1989 I moved to College of Alameda until 2004; then I moved to work to Automotive department.  I been  working for Automotive department for two years, one year out of class, and now I am permanent and my new work title is ToolRoom Keeper and Atech business officer.   Now my new job is assisting the students and customers in their needs. Automotive department is a shop where the students learn how to fix cars, we have excellent Instructors, like  Mr. Greenspan is an Engine Instructor, the teaches everything concerning engine work like head gasket jobs, water pump, timing light, etc.  Mr. Ramos is in charge of Chassis department, he teaches how to work on tires, alignment, axles.  Mr. Ed Jaramillo teaches Smog, Tune-ups, Diagnosis.  Mr.  Tumasian teaches Transmission, and clutches.  Mr. Peterson teaches Electrical problems, he fixes car windows, electrical wires that controls all the system.