Physics 4ABC at College of Alameda

Physics 4A is offered every semester. Prerequisite: Math 3A (Calculus I).  Lab, M 1:30-4:20.  Lecture, T Th 1:30-3:20.  Link to syllabus.

Physics 4B is offered in the evenings during the fall semester. Prerequisites: Physics 4A & Math 3B (Calculus II).  Link to syllabus.

Physics 4C is offered in the evenings during the spring semester. Prerequisites: Physics 4B & Math 3C (Calculus III).  Link to syllabus.


Giancoli 4/e

Textbook:  Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th ed. At the Library Reserve Desk and in the Math Lab, L207.

Extended edition, with Modern Physics. Ch. 1-44. ISBN 0131495089.

  • Physics 4A: Begins in Ch. 1.
  • Physics 4B: Begins in Ch. 17.
  • Physics 4C: Begins in Ch. 31-32.

If you do not plan to enroll in the entire 3-semester physics sequence at Peralta, you may wish to explore options other than the full “extended edition with modern physics”:

  • Vol. 1, Ch. 1-20. ISBN 0132273586.
  • Vol. 2, Ch. 21-35. ISBN 0132273594.
  • Vol. 3, Ch. 36-44. ISBN 0132274000.

If you use an older edition, please photocopy the questions and problems at the end of each chapter.

Supplements for Physics 4A:  Birkett and Elby, Learning Physics, Ch. 4 and Ch. 8.  (Free; will be distributed in class.)

Highly recommended supplements for Physics 4A and 4B:  Elby, Portable TA: A Physics Problem Solving Guide. Presentation of difficult problems with explanations of solutions. No longer in print, but used copies are widely available. At the Library Reserve Desk.

  • Physics 4A: Portable TA, Volume I, mechanics. ISBN 0132317133.
  • Physics 4B: Portable TA, Volume II, electricity and magnetism. ISBN 0132317214.