Welcome Drew Douglass – Director of Workforce Systems

His experience includes serving as Deputy Director of Workforce Services for Rubicon Programs, Program Director – Enterprise Development Director for Marin City Community Development Corporation, and Career Center Coordinator for the San Pablo One Stop-East Bay Works. He is currently pursuing an MPA from Villanova which he expects to complete in 2016.

Drew’s familiarity with our regional workforce investment system and labor market information enables him to be a strategic leader who is already seasoned. Drew’s experience partnering with regional community colleges to develop sector based employment programs prepares him to be an effective educational manager and promote service integration strategies across education, regional workforce investment agencies and employers.

  1. Doug’s new email address is (for Andrew Douglass) but he prefers “Drew.”
  2. Drew’s new office will be located in the North Cities One Stop Center on campus, in Portable ‘P’, Office Number P 102-A.
  3. The One Stop phone number is 510-748-2208 (You may expect Kathleen to answer.)