Facilities Committee

Meetings: 4th Thursday, 3:00 p.m., F216


1.      Advise on the development of facilities planning processes and timelines;

2.      Recommend funding priorities for Building Funds;

3.      Receive and review facilities proposals from department, program areas and/or the District Physical Plant Office;

4.      Recommend representatives to serve on District facilities committees that impact College of Alameda facilities;

5.      Routinely review and monitor campus compliance with ADA and 504 and make recommendations to ensure compliance;

6.      Recommend procedures and policies affecting facilities and physical environment of the campus;

7.      Review the State’s Specialization Report and the Five year Master Plan for campus compliance and make recommendations to ensure compliance;

8.      Establish Subcommittees to assist with the planning for building renovations and remodels;

9.      Sponsor facilities orientation workshops for the College community.


NameArea Represented
MaryBeth Benvenutti, ChairBusiness & Admin. Services Manager
(vacant)Administrative Repr., Dean of Workforce Dev.
Alexis MontevirgenAdministrative Repr., Student Services
(vacant)Faculty Representatives
Carlotta Campbell
Danny Nguyen
Yvonne Carter
*David SparksFaculty Representative, Library
(vacant)Classified Representative
(vacant)Classified Representative, DSPS
(vacant)Classified Representative, Child Care
Selwyn MontgomeryClassified Representative, Custodial
Ritchi LeASCOA Representative


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