Student Leadership & Development Office


Co-curricular activities are an important part of the educational experience. All students are encouraged to become involved in some phase of co-curricular activities. The opportunity for self-government, as provided for by the Peralta Colleges’ Board of Trustees and the College of Alameda administration, is particularly challenging. Involvement in student government allows the student to view and explore the College as a whole, as well as the various parts that form the institution to which he/she belongs. Through active involvement, a better understanding of the overall process of education may be attained.

Active participation in student government provides the student an opportunity not only to assist in the development of co-curricular programs, formulation of general College policies and to become involved in solving general College problems, but it also provides effective channels to promote change and growth within the College system.

The Student Activities Office is located in F-217. For further information, call (510) 748-2327.

Additional services for students are available in the Student Center  located in the F-building.

The Student Center (Building “F”) houses the Student Activities Office, Cafeteria, the Student Lounge, the Cyber Cafe, offices of the ASCOA, mailboxes for recognized clubs and organizations, and the College Store. It is the central location for many student activities.

The Student Lounge affords a comfortable atmosphere where students can relax with old and new friends. Student requests to use College facilities for approved group activities and the campus publicity regulations are processed through the Student Activities Office in Room F-217.

The Student Center also offers the following support services: Lost and Found, student dental-medical insurance information, a master activities calendar, AC Transit monthly bus passes and U.S. postage stamps purchase, housing referrals, community and governmental agency information, BART and AC Transit schedules, and general information on campus services and activities.

Cyber Café

The Cyber Cafe is the place to come, relax, do some homework, check your email or surf the Internet. There are 15 state-of-the-art computer stations that can help you navigate cyber space. The cafe also offers wireless Internet technology for your convenience.

The Cyber Cafe is located in the “F” building adjacent the cafeteria. Call (510) 748-2327 for further information.

Lost and Found

Items lost or found on campus should be reported, when lost, claimed, or when found, taken to the Student Activities Office, F-217. Assistance can be obtained during regular College business hours.